CAI2 Specifications


  • Footprint: 3,000 m2 capable of colocating 600 Racks
  • Building: Glass Building. Steel frame & concrete slabs
  • Floor Loading: 1500Kg/m2
  • Fiber Routes: Redundant fiber connections to two separate Telecom Egypt Exchanges
  • SDH fiber ring network to insure Automatic Protection Switching of services in less than 25ms
  • Cabling: Pre-Installed and tested Panduit structured wiring system providing any-to-any connectivity over fiber and copper media
  • Floor: Raised Floor with Anti-Static Coating
  • Work Space: Customer Desk Space with Internet Connectivity for Equipment Testing/Configuration
  • Access: 24x7x365


  • Multi Stage: Multiple physical identification checks, card and biometric access control to colo locations, customers and vendors are escorted at all times
  • Cameras: Digital IP Camera system including more than 130 Cameras for surveillance and monitoring inside the data center and around the perimeter
  • Physical Security: 24x7x365 security personnel patrols throughout the facility


  • Fully redundant Tier4 electrical systems
  • Power Feed: True A and B redundant power feeds
  • Back Up Power: 3 Diesel Generators (1.8 Megawatts each) in a N+1 configuration with internal day tank. All generators are served by 3 different main storage tanks that can supply fuel with 48 hours runtime at full load. A mission critical fuel polishing system is used to receive fuel prior to entering the main tanks and maintain stored fuel
  • Site Power: AC230V/50Hz Single Phase or 400V/50Hz Three Phase, DC-48V
  • UPS: Critical power supported by 3 fully independent power systems (750KVA each) in a N+1 configuration with 9mins of battery backup on full load
  • SLA: 99.999%


  • Fully redundant Tier4 mechanical systems (chillers, water supply, pumps, valves, and piping)
  • 3 fully independent cooling precision systems with multiple layers of redundancy in each system
  • Under Raised floor cooling with ceiling based hot air return plenum
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle design
  • Cooling capacity of 7 to 10 KW per rack, (with capability of higher cooling capacity upon customer request)


  • Detection: Multiple layers of fire and smoke detection including VESDA System with 3 different levels of alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors and flame detectors
  • Suppression: FM200 fire suppression system, in a separate fire zones design operating in conjunction with motorized Smoke Fire Dampers


  • BMS: Our engineers monitor all aspects of the facilities infrastructure both locally and remotely, including: Cooling System, Power System, Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting


  • Climate Control: State of the art HVAC units and controls which provides precision controlled temperature and humidity for all colocation space


  • GPX is fully staffed and monitored 24x7x365 by our NOC engineers