CAI1 Specifications

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  • Multi-level physical and electronic security
  • 24/7 security personnel patrols throughout the facility
  • 2 level physical identification before entry
  • Controlled access to facility and colocation rooms through access cards and numbered keypads
  • Digital CCTV system monitors and records entry ways and internal doors
  • Authorised access lists


  • 1000AMP service provided by CEDCO through a new transformer feed dedicated to GPX
  • 2 750KVA on-site standby generators manufactured by CAT to take full load power in and emergency
  • UPS systems manufactured by Active Power, CAT partner to provide continuous power conditioning
  • Multiple 10AMP redundant AC power feeds available for each cabinet
  • Separate DC power plant, eliminating need for customer provided rectifiers for AC/DC conversion
  • 48V DC power distribution delivered to each colocation room
  • 200AMP DC power with N:1 rectifier configuration


  • Multiple HVAC units in N+1 configuration
  • Colo room air temperature at 21oC, +/- 2oC
  • Relative humidity controlled at 50% +/- 5%
  • BMS and NOC monitors all critical equipment


  • VESDA detection systems throughout the facility
  • FM200 suppression system in every colocation room
  • BMS designed, engineered and installed by Honeywell


  • Telco and ISP neutral, standalone Telco room
  • Geographically diverse SDH private fiber ring designed and installed by TE and maintained by Lucent
  • STM-16 connectivity between GPX facility and Kobba and Abasya TE central offices
  • Mix of E1/DS1, E3/DS3, and 10/100Mbps on tributary side


  • Physical cross-connection: Structured wiring interconnection, CAT5/6 copper, coaxial cabling, and single and multimode fiber.
  • LAN based interconnection: LAN connectivity speeds of 10/100Mbps, up to full GigE, using Cisco’s premier intelligent multilayer switch technology.


  • Dock for shipping and receiving
  • Customer work area
  • Locked area for temporary storage