Unique Business Model

GPX offers its customers a unique business model and an opportunity to stimulate business growth and expansion.

GPX is not a Telco, ISP, or a hardware or software provider.  Our sole and exclusive business is providing extremely reliable data center colocation space.  GPX does not offer any network infrastructure.  We do not sell or resell bandwidth, package bandwidth with any offering, offer Managed Services, or resell hardware or software. No other IDC operating in Cairo or Mumbai can make this claim.

GPX provides collocation, interconnectivity between customers, a secure and fault tolerant Tier4 environment to house equipment – business servers and network equipment, a telecommunications Point of Presence (POP), or internet content delivery infrastructure.  In addition, the model provides local access to ISPs and Telcos that reside within the facility, and basic trouble shooting assistance called Remote Hands.

ISPs benefit from selling transit or exchange settlement free traffic and from selling services such as Internet access, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and MPLS to content providers and enterprise customers collocating in the facility.   In addition, colocation in a GPX IDC provides ISPs an opportunity to reduce networking costs and access to a host of potential new customers.

In addition to collocating their POPs or switching infrastructure in an Uptime Institute certified Tier4 designed, 99.999% fault tolerant data center, Telcos  gain access to a variety of potential new customers located within the data center.