Incorporated in August 2002, GPX, a privately held company, designs, owns, and operates, state-of-the-art, carrier neutral Internet Data Centres (IDCs) in rapidly developing commercial markets of the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and South Asia regions.  Our IDCs are strategically positioned in hub locations which have easy access to important undersea cable systems. GPX is leading the technology race by being first to offer Uptime Institute certified Tier4 design infrastructures and environments  combined with “true” carrier neutrality in Mumbai.

The Tier4 design provides fault tolerant 99.999% availability to clients with mission critical business requirements seeking to collocate in a state-of-the-art IDC and to offshore customers who wish to broaden their exposure and growth in emerging global markets.

Our first IDC opened in Cairo in 2007.  In June 2012, our new 3,000 m2 Tier IV designed IDC in Mumbai was launched.  A second 3,000 m2 fully redundant Tier4 IDC in Cairo was opened and fully operational in 2015. These hubs allow telecommunications providers (Telcos), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), e-businesses, and enterprise clients to collocate their servers and network equipment supporting their regional business, create disaster recovery infrastructure supporting mission critical business needs, and aggregate traffic from remote sites within the MENA and South Asian regions for global distribution.

Mumbai Undersea Cable Connectivity

Cairo Undersea Cable Connectivity